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The Next Coupon Mom?

January 12th, 2010 at 03:28 pm

Ok, so I saw "The Coupon Mom" on TV twice last week, on "The Doctors" and "The Dave Ramsey Show". I love a good deal so I decided to check out her website and see what it's all about. Has anyone else checked it out?

I'm usually not a big brand person, I go with the generics unless I REALLY notice a difference. Plus, the idea of cutting coupons and comparing them week-after-week with the sale ads, just seemed like too much. I'm a working mama, I really don't want to go to 5 different stores every week to scour for deals!

But after watching her save like 50% on TV, I went to the website to see how it works. What's cool is that the website keeps track of the weekly ads and what current/recent coupons (either printed online or found in the newspaper), and what the final price is. I usually shop at Kroger (or Walmart), so I was pretty excited to see the deals, as Kroger doubles coupons. Some stuff is like, 60% off! I just signed up a few days ago (it's free) so I haven't really tested it yet during a shopping trip.

I can definitely say that if something's cheaper generic, I will go that route. And I won't buy something I normally wouldn't just because it's a good deal. But if I can get a sweet deal on something I could really use,I will. Too bad there aren't coupons for fruits & veges...

1 Responses to “The Next Coupon Mom?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hi Frugalgal,

    Actually there are tons of of coupons for veggies, if your not opposed to buying frozen and sometimes canned. There's also the occasional coupons for fruit as well. I think if you start checking your Sunday coupons you'll run across lots of them.

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