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Pat on my back! My grocery list PLUS menu

January 15th, 2010 at 04:09 pm

Due to some unusual expenses (personal property taxes, higher than usual power bill etc..) I decide to turbo-grocery budget this week! Rick is out of town so the grocery list & budget are average, but I think we did pretty good!

I shopped at Kroger, and pretty much went generic (I didn't have any good coupons anyway). Just about everything was either generic or on sale. Here's what I got:

Kr. bagels - $1.00
Kr. frozen veges - $1.00
Bananas (1.64 lbs) - $0.80
Kr. cream cheese - $1.00
Navel Oranges (2) - $2.00
Romaine Lettuce - $1.49
Cucumber - $0.83
Kr. apple juice (frozen) - $1.39
10 lb bag of potatos - $1.99
Kr. hot dogs - $0.89
Kr. shredded cheddar cs - $1.50
Kr. bologna - $0.89
Kr. wheat bread - $1.00
Kr. french bread - $1.00
Kr. hot dog buns - $1.00
Kr. crackers - $1.22
Kr. popcorn - $1.19
Kr. baked beans - $1.00
Kr. chicken noodle soup (2) - $1.09
Kr. frozen pot pies (2) - $1.16

Grand Total (with tax): $24.16

We did have some things already in the pantry & freezer. Here's what we made to eat all week:


- hot dogs, baked beans & corn
- chicken pot pie with fruit
- grilled cheese w/chicken noodle soup
pancakes & fruit
- pasta with spag. sauce & garlic bread (I already had the pasta & sauce)
- baked potato & salad
- grilled chicken breast with pasta & salad (already had 2 frozen chicken bst)
- salisbury "steak" (frozen turkey burgers) with mashed potatoes, garlic bread & salad


- leftovers, pb & j sand., bologna sand., popcorn, crackers, cut up veges, fruit, popcorn, bagel w/cream cheese


- grits (already had those), pancakes, french toast, certeal (already had 1/2 box of cheerios), bagel.

OK health police, don't come after me! Yes, I bought hot dogs and bologna, but my kids are in love with that crap, and when I can afford it I buy the turkey, healthy kind. But on "lean" weeks like these, they got what was cheapest. Otherwise though, I had plenty of salad, veges & fruit to go around.

I pat myself on the back...I did really good this week. Good savings to all, and to all a good night!

5 Responses to “Pat on my back! My grocery list PLUS menu”

  1. homebody Says:

    Love the list and menus! Hey we survived on bologna and hot dogs didn't we??

  2. momcents Says:

    Looks like a menu very similar to ours, though we average waffles at least once a week and sometimes lunch on the weekend. And we do meatloaf muffins once a week as well. I see nothing wrong with bologna and hot dogs either. Here we had Encor frozen chicken strips on sale, bought three of those at $1 a piece.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I eat pretty much the same, but I always have tomato soup with grilled cheese!

  4. http://www.edit-it.org/ Says:

    Your menu looks pretty well balanced and the products for cooking are not very expensive for your budget.

  5. sell essays-custom-essay.ws Says:

    Due to the fact that your husband is outside the city, you can significantly reduce the cost of your menu and save money that you have spent unplanned.

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